Daily Monster 314: The Old Saybrook Blockheads

Region of origin: Old Saybrook, Connecticut, United States

Sighted in her backyard in 1957, schoolteacher Mary Starr witnessed a cylindrical, brightly-glowing craft hovering over her clothesline and, within it, the occupants: small, largely featureless, rubbery creatures topped by translucent cubes containing glowing red cores. As she watched the ship, the windows of the craft through which Mrs. Starr was viewing the inhabitants disappeared before it’s glowing intensified briefly, then faded back and the ship flew off straight up into the sky.


“I remember them – those long summer nights in the garden, so cool after the heat of day. I remember the children, my children, laughing and playing. But their faces… why can’t I remember their faces? I remember love.. and longing. I feel that longing again. Please. Find my children before I depart this Earth for the final? time.” – Lady Elizabeth Cholmondeley’s letter from her deathbed, written two days before her disappearance.

Neverhome Handcarved and pressed to wood by Drew Meger 

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