Tennessee Williams Play

withered, once-beautiful matriarch: my, it sure is hot tonight in… the south.
smoulderingly handsome, reckless heir to the family estate: *leans on a doorframe* hot- yes, just like the heat of my repressed homosexuality and barely concealed rage.


“I remember them – those long summer nights in the garden, so cool after the heat of day. I remember the children, my children, laughing and playing. But their faces… why can’t I remember their faces? I remember love.. and longing. I feel that longing again. Please. Find my children before I depart this Earth for the final? time.” – Lady Elizabeth Cholmondeley’s letter from her deathbed, written two days before her disappearance.

Neverhome Handcarved and pressed to wood by Drew Meger 

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“It was in the township of Dunwich, in a large and partly inhabited farmhouse set against a hillside
four miles from the village and a mile and a half from any other dwelling, that Wilbur Whateley
was born at 5 A.M. on Sunday, the second of February, 1913.”
– H.P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror

Happy 103rd birthday, you smelly goat!

@wilburwhateley, by your request