have you watched stranger than?? i’m on episode 3 and it’s great. very suspenseful, well-shot, and so far the monsters are shown just enough to still be kinda creepy

Hey! Did you mean Stranger Things? (I figured you did, but I’m not totally on top of Horror t.v./am generally about a season behind on everything, etc.) If so, no; I haven’t started it yet. I have seen a couple of great photo sets on here this weekend with some positive things in their tags/replies. I thought I’d put it off until I had a chance to learn more about it/read some reviews—lots of kids in the stills, and I don’t generally enjoy seeing children in Horror/Sci-fi…with some important exceptions and all that. I’m glad to hear that it’s well done, though, and really appreciate the rec.  I’ll check out the first episode tomorrow night. 😀 Have a nice start to your week.